Dürbeck & Dohmen

Who we are

We create Cinematique Music. We design Sound.

We compose music for TV and cinema movies, series, documentaries, theatre and commercials. We also produce bands and solo artists. Our work covers a lot of ground - from classical songwriting to electronic music as well as orchestral and abstract-experimental film scores. Whatever project we're working on, we are always pursuing new ways and ideas to express ourselves. We often try and experiment with unusual and sometimes strange sounding instruments, creating new and unique sounds. That is the reason why we started to create our own instrument libraries: CINEMATIQUE INSTRUMENTS

René Jumpel Nati Jonas Till


Our muscial life began as teenagers, when we used to play in bands; Rene played guitar in punk bands and Jumpel drums in pop and jazz bands. Then, after school we formed a band. Over the course of eight years we released three albums and seven singles with EMI Germany. We played over 400 gigs in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.
Then, after splitting up the band, we founded our own company and studio and started writing and producing music for films. Since then we have been writing scores for numerous films and documentaries and won the award for Best Score at Max Ophüls in Saarbrücken and at the Filmfestival Valencia. 2017 we received the "German Music Authors´Award".

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We create Cinematique Instruments

This is our own virtual instruments library. We started this library several years ago in order to achieve an individual sound and trademark. Our goal and ultimate ambition is to inspire everyone, but first of all ourselves by using its playfriendly and unique instruments providing lots of opportunities for music production.
The library is suitable for all kinds of music productions giving music a special character. Sure, there´s a slight focus on film music, but these sounds work in various fields of music productions, too. The library contains string instruments such as an autoharp, a Kantele or a bowed psaltery. A nice collection of percussion sounds. We also feature strange and rare keyboard instruments, but also special sound packs called Glass, Metallic Objects, Experimental Box, and Downbeat Box. More here...


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