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Dürbeck & Dohmen



This is a live recording session for the motion picture FREMDE TOCHTER. We decided to go for a different musical approach than usual. We left our studio comfort zone for 1 day and set up our gear in an old factory hall. The music was composed by improvising to the projected images with our modular synths, guitar pedals and sampled instruments from our CINEMATIQUE INSTRUMENTS library. At the end of the day we had a lot of ideas, textures, atmospheres and even full compositions to take back into the studio for further development. We wanted to create music that was fragile, minimal and ethereal - the amazing singer Insa Rudolph contributed her magical voice to several tracks.

The Veranda

We went to Australia to work with the incredible percussionist Michael Askill. We recorded orchestral & ethnic percussions in a studio of „Queensland Academies Creative Industries“ where Michael is the percussion director. We also recorded some amazing instruments like a five octave bass marimba at the best drum shop in the world „Just Percussion“. We had a nice house in Brisbane with a lovely veranda. So, one morning we decided to make some music on that veranda before going to the studio again. We set up the modular synths, gong, singing bowls and guitar pedals and started improvising music with the singing of birds in the background.

First Encounter

This session was recorded at „Queensland Academies Creative Industries“ in Brisbane. Michaels friend Erik Griswold, an amazing prepared piano player came around, did a quick piano preparation and suddenly we all found us in a 2 hour nonstop improvisation. Michael played everything percussive he could find in this room: a gong, several marimbas and vibes, timpani, snares, Glockenspiel. Jumpel played his modular synths and René played guitar with various pedals. This first encounter with Erik was amazing, sometimes chaotic and cacophonous and all of a sudden melodic and gentle, like it was composed before.

The Bush Bungalow

After this first week of intense work in Brisbane we went to Mullumbimby (close to Byron Bay) where Michael lives with his lovely wife and kids. We wanted to relax a bit from this exhausting long recording sessions we had in Brisbane. We rented a nice little bush bungalow somewhere at the back of beyond. In the living room we set up our gear we brought with us to Australia and Michael got his gong and singing bowls and a frame drum from home. This session sounds quite like "Krautrock", maybe this has something to do with our Cologne/Duesseldorf roots.

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